Using Coupons to Get Free Trial Size Products

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trial size products

Did you know that you can get free trial size products with coupons? Just make sure the fine print does not prohibit its use on trial sizes first!

Go through your coupons to see if you have any that can be used on trial size products. I usually wait until they are about to expire to get the travel size, just in case I can get the full size product for free instead. But, if it’s about to expire, I would much rather get a free travel size product than throw away a coupon!

Travel size products are great if you want to try something before buying the full size product. Besides being great for travel, they are also great for keeping in your purse, glove compartment, desk, or other places you might need these items on a spur of the moment!

*Warning* Using coupons on trial sizes may cause cashiers to develop a bad attitude, and they may try to refuse your coupons. The best cures for this are to have an example coupon handy that does say “excludes trial sizes” to compare to the coupon you are using that doesn’t say that. (If the manufacturer didn’t want you to use it on the trial size, they would have stated so on the coupon.)

If the store does not want to give you the overage (the whopping 1 – 3¢ – they will be reimbursed the full amount of the coupon!), tell them you do not mind them adjusting the coupon down to the price of the product. It is store policy after all. You can also carry a copy of the stores coupon policy with you, and program the phone number for corporate into your phone. Be prepared to stand up for your savvy-shopping self!

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