11 Free Ways to Get Coupons

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Need more coupons? I’m sure everyone does! I know newspapers have been a popular source of coupons, but since newspapers cost money, it can be discouraging for beginners who may not have room in their budget for a newspaper subscription.

If you are looking to get started couponing without making a big investment, here are 11 free ways to get more coupons:

1. Use Digital Coupons

Digital coupons are everywhere these days and have made couponing so much easier! These coupons cost you nothing – you don’t even have to print or clip. Just load them right to your phone and scan at checkout. Some stores even load the savings automatically if tied to your rewards card. Some of our favorite digital coupon sources are Flipp, Coupons.com and Honey.

2. Email the Manufacturer

Send a quick note to your favorite brands and they will likely send you coupons. Best of all, they will be for products you know you like!

3. Friends and Family

You likely know a few people who get a newspaper but don’t use the coupons. Ask if you can have their inserts and they will likely give them to you.

4. Print Coupons Online

There are many free places to print coupons online. Some of my favorites include Coupons.comSmartsource, and Redplum.

5. Magazines

If you have any magazine subscriptions, be sure to look through each issue carefully. Many magazines have coupons in them!

6. Coffee Shops and Airports

Many people like to sit in coffee shops, drink their morning coffee, and read the newspaper. Ask the establishment if you can take the Sunday newspapers that people leave behind.

7. Libraries and Doctor’s Offices

Ask your local library, dentist, or doctor if you can have the coupons from their old magazine and newspaper subscriptions.

8. Request Coupons and Samples

Many companies offer free coupons online that you can request. Sometimes they are even for free products! Be sure to sign up for free samples too because they sometimes come with coupons.

9. In-Store Coupons

Look for peelies (just don’t take them without buying the product), tearpads, blinkies, and coupon books throughout the store. These are free for the taking! Just take one or two though, not the whole stack. Be sure to think beyond supermarkets – I often find coupons at gas stations!

10. Coupon Buddies

If you have coupons you don’t use, you could try trading with a friend. Maybe they have a dog, but no kids while you have kids, but no dog. You could give your friend your dog food coupons and she could give you her baby product coupons. It’s a win-win!

11. Rewards Programs

There are some brands that will offer high value coupons (often coupons for free products) in exchange for you taking a quiz or giving your opinion of a new product. Go to your favorite brands’ websites and search their FAQs for ways to get coupons by participating! Sometimes signing up for their promotional newsletter will get you early access to these types of promotions as well.

Do you know of any other ways to get free coupons?

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