How to Save Money on Groceries with Manager’s Specials

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“Manager’s Specials”, “reduced for quick sale”, “markdowns”, whatever your store calls them; they are great for saving money on groceries. Stores will mark down items like meat, produce, dairy, and bread when they don’t think they will be able to sell their inventory before they expire. There is the potential to save a lot of money if you know how to take advantage of these discounts.

Keep reading for tips on how to save the most on your grocery bill by looking for manager’s specials!

While it’s not advisable to buy things you don’t need just because they’re on sale, having an open mind to what’s on manager’s special can save you money and be a lot of fun. Sometimes I’ll pick up dirt-cheap items that weren’t on my list and challenge myself to use them in a meal that week. I think of it as a frugal Chopped challenge!

Finding Manager’s Special Deals

If you can’t find the markdown section of your store, ask an employee. Your store might not have one and the items may be mixed in with all the regular priced items.

Don’t see a markdown? Ask for it! If you see an item with a looming expiration date, point it out and they will likely mark it down for you. They also tend to be more generous with the discounts when you’re standing right there!

Knowing when to shop for these discounts is key. Find out which day your store marks down these items in order to get the best selection. Stores generally mark down on Tuesdays or Wednesdays after the weekend rush is over.


Meat is one of the most expensive categories in grocery budgets. Buying your meat on manager’s special will reduce your bill considerably.

If you find a really great deal, stock up! Portion it out, freeze it, and possibly avoid paying for meat again for several weeks!

Just make sure you are checking the expiration dates. If you buy meat that is expiring that day, be sure to cook it right away or freeze it as soon as you get home. And always inspect the meat before you buy it. Expiration dates are just estimations. If the meat looks or smells bad – don’t buy it!


Produce is another budget killer. Buying produce on sale is really the way to go if you can find it. Bananas, bags of apples and oranges, and bagged salad are a few of the items you should check for markdown stickers. Just remember not to buy more than you can eat before they go bad!


Dairy items to look for on markdown are milk, cheese, sour cream, yogurt, and creamer. Make sure to check the expiration dates on these since it is harder to tell in-store if they’ve gone bad. Some of these items can be frozen as well.


Bakery items that have been marked down can be found at nearly every store. Bread, rolls, tortillas, and desserts are popular items to look for. There will usually be some sort of rack that says something along the lines of “Oops! We baked too much!”

Combine With Coupons

Save even more on manager’s special items by combining the deals with coupons! As far as I know, stores will accept coupons on marked down items. Make sure to point out the markdown sticker to the cashier. Not all items will scan at the correct price and may need to be adjusted.

Do you shop for manager’s specials? Does your store have a special spot for them or do you have to search? I’d love to hear!

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