Couponing Pro Tip: Sign Up for Mailing Lists

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Even if you’re already a pro couponer, you might be missing out on some of the best coupons out there. Sure, you get newspapers for the ads. And of course, you use all the best deal apps. You may even have so many customer rewards cards that you need a separate purse to carry them all.

But even avid couponers sometimes miss a rich source of valuable coupons: mailing lists. That’s right⁠—many companies reserve some of their best deals for the loyal customers on their mailing lists. Here’s what you need to know to get started!

Sign Up for Multiple Modes of Communication

Companies are eager to keep in touch with potential customers, so many offer multiple forms of communication. You may sign up to receive emails, texts, mail, or a combination of these. If you are looking to score coupons, we recommend signing up for as many modes of communication as possible. While not all companies send coupons, those that do may send different coupons to different mailing lists, so the more lists you’re on, the better! If you get the same coupon through multiple lists, check it closely; you might be able to use each version of the coupon.

Sign Up When You’re Ready to Use a Coupon

To start your relationship with a company on the right foot, some companies send a coupon to you just for signing up. You might want to wait to sign up for communication from a company until you would be ready to use a coupon if they send it to you. That way, you wouldn’t have to let a valuable coupon go to waste just because the timing was off.

Consider Sharing Your Birthdate

Privacy is always a concern, but if you love coupons and a company asks for your birthdate, you might want to share it. Many companies that ask for your birthdate do it so that they can send you to send a special coupon on your birthday.

Look Over What You Receive

Some mail, emails, and texts you receive may make it overwhelmingly clear that they include a coupon. But sometimes, coupons are casually snuck in, so you might not notice them if you immediately delete the message.

What’s the best coupon you’ve received by signing up for a mailing list? Let us know in the comments section below!

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